About D.R.Congo

2012-10-17-15.27.37sD.R. Congo is the 2nd largest in Africa and one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of natural resources, but it’s’ inhabitants rank among the poorest and most exploited on earth.  The country saw much conflict during the 20th century and insecurity continues particularly in eastern D.R.Congo around the towns of Goma and Bukavu with the increased activities of the M23 a rebel militia group.  There is a high infant mortality rate and many of the 67 million inhabitants lack the provision of clean water and electricity, bringing many challenges to everyday life.  Despite this there is a high level of resilience among many Congolese who have resourcefully adapted to these difficulties.  D.R.Congo was previously known as Zaire and the Belgium Congo. The southern province of Katanga where Kimbilio operates has seen a recent rise in the activities of Mai Mai rebel groups.  Katanga is minerally rich with a high concentration of copper and cobalt, many international companies have mining interests in Katanga.  There are thought to be around 200 languages spoken throughout this vast country representing over 200 ethnic groups.  The Government has a road building programme to renovate the country’s road network which has fallen into disrepair over many years of neglect. The issue of children being branded child witches is a huge problem in DRC. here is a report on the subject. Exorcising Spir…rights 2013