Supporting street children in The Democratic Republic of Congo

What we do

Congo Children Trust is a UK charity which is mobilising a grass roots international network to support the Kimbilio project, who support the needs of children living on the streets in D.R.Congo. Since 2009 we have been actively working to turn the lives of children around, offering them renewed hope for the future.

Our vision is a D.R.Congo without street children, where children no longer need our support. Our mission is to grow and support as many street children as we possibly can across the D.R.C. to return to their families; go to school; get healthy again; to grow and to smile again! We do so through the following services:

Kimbilio Day centre
We provide holistic care to children on the streets and try to get them back to their families where possible and appropriate.
Kimbilio Homes
At our four homes we offer children the chance of stability and care provided by the Congolese families who live on site.
Kimbilio Primary School
We provide a high standard of education to former street children and children in the local are whose parents wouldn’t otherwise be able to send them to school.
Kimbilio Young Mums' Training School
We offer hair and beauty training to enable teenage mums to have new positive opportunities to support their young children and prevent them from having an upbringing on the streets.
Kimbilio Sewing Schools
We provide training to mothers of children who have been on the streets due to poverty, to learn new skills which will help them to feed their children again.

Congo Children Trust offers support to some of the worlds most vulnerable children and provides them with hope for their futures.

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Street children in the Democratic Republic of Congo

There are an estimated 250,000 children living on the streets in D.R.Congo. These children are on the streets as a result of poverty, a death of one or both parents often as a result of malaria or HIV/AIDS, accusations of witchcraft, parental separation and extended family being unable to provide support. These are some of the most vulnerable children having little if any adult support and guidance, though they tend to gather in small groups offering one another support and a sense of community while surviving in extremely precarious conditions.

Children as young as 5 and 6 can end up on the streets for a number of reasons including abuse by parents or family members, family disputes, death of parents or a relative, or being accused of witchcraft.

D.R. Congo is the 2nd largest country in Africa and one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of natural resources, but its inhabitants rank among the poorest and most exploited on earth. The country saw much conflict during the 20th century and insecurity continues particularly in eastern D.R.Congo around the towns of Goma and Bukavu with the increased activities of rebel militia groups.

There is a high infant mortality rate and many of the 78 million inhabitants lack the provision of clean water and electricity, bringing many challenges to everyday life. Despite this there is a high level of resilience among many Congolese who have resourcefully adapted to these difficulties. D.R.Congo was previously known as Zaire and the Belgium Congo. The southern province of Katanga where Kimbilio operates has seen a recent rise in the activities of Mai Mai rebel groups.

Katanga is minerally rich with a high concentration of copper and cobalt, many international companies have mining interests in Katanga. There are thought to be around 200 languages spoken throughout this vast country representing over 200 ethnic groups. The Government has a road building programme to renovate the country’s road network which has fallen into disrepair over many years of neglect. The issue of children being branded child witches is an increasing phenomena in DRC and one which we come across frequently in our work at Kimbilio.

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A Kimbilio child's story

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Important information

Approximately 98% of finance donated to Congo Children Trust is used on the ground by Kimbilio to support children in need. Kimbilio needs financial support in order to buy food, pay school fees, health care costs, staff payments and construction costs. Congo Children Trust has no paid members of staff in the UK and very few administrative costs. A small amount of money is used by the Congo Children Trust towards advertising including websites, leaflets and Christmas card production.

Managing Director: Ian Harvey
Trustees: Ruth Allen, Isabelle Bryan, Mark Gant, Stephen Johnson, Balagizi Maheshe, Sile Reynolds.